Size : 83.5″x60.1″(212×152.8)cm
Material :aluminium on oil

A thousand years ago, the way of the world was described thusly.
‘The sound of the Gion Choja bells echoes the impermanence of all things;

The color of the flowers of the sal tree reveals the truth that all glories must fade.
The proud do not endure, they are like a dream on a spring night;

The mighty fall at last, they are as dust before the wind. (Opening of the The Tale of the Heike, 12th century)’

Everything in existence is in a constant state of change, nothing is permanent, the echoing sound of the bells communicates that wisdom, the prosperous will too eventually perish and disappear, like dust before the wind.

Now as before, our limited lives full of striving are but a glimpse on the astronomical scale of time. Everyone is given the gift of time, yet it’s so hard to see. Everything in existence changes in concert, and each moment is unique, therein lies the proof of existence.

The modern concept of frame rate is one way to approach this timeless wisdom. Frame rate measures the number of individual pictures that compose a moving image, a typical designation of 24 fps stands for 24 frames per second. Take one image out, even though that brief moment 1/24 of a second in duration is imperceptible to the human mind, there is no other one like it. A video is a succession of such uniquely different images.

If a human life is like a moving image,no picture is to be glimpsed more than once. There is no past or future as we live in the constant present.

With frame rate as an interpretation device, you can observe the endless sequence of change on the monitor screen one tiny unit at a time. To recognize this ceaseless change is to face existence itself.

We pluck one frame from this longer sequence, zooming down to the lowest unit of measure, a pixel. The scene of such a single frame is stripped of all meaning, leaving dust motes of data. What’s revealed is a single moment in the life of data. It is a trace of what once existed, ephemeral like dust before the wind.

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