in the 21st century, we face the emergence of a brand new material in the form of data.
Computer mouse took the place of a brush in drawing precise lines, the internet is overflowing with ideas and materials. But the very capacity for reproduction ad infinitum and the malleability of data led to an underestimation of its aesthetic value.
Some recent efforts such as NFTs aim to address this through use of cryptography to create artificial scarcity for on-screen images.

“ DATA PAINTING ” is a concept for interrogating the very existence of invisible digital data through painting expression.

In these artworks, " Through the Screen " method powered by custom-made program is used to transport digital virtual reality spaces from monitor screens onto real world canvas as paintings.

The process of capturing information from digital spaces throws the differences with the physical world into sharp relief, combining a kind of solid tranquility with a spectral otherworldliness all at the same time.

At the same time, the use of computer code makes possible a pursuit of new aesthetic values and expression methods that are different from conventional painting.

There are also digital reproductions of textiles on a canvas in an exploration of low-resolution as a quality found in both ancient Silk Road fabrics and monitor screens, and representations of image resolution as a concept seen through a monitor screen in the " cell by cell " series.

Buddhist philosophy and video expression meld as one in the series of works titled " Moment," a depiction of the ceaseless flow of time and never-ending change.

As a Buddhist sculptor who carves a piece of wood to make its Buddha nature apparent new forms emerge from intangible data to leave their traces as works of art.