TETSUO SUZUKA ARTWORK [Gold Horse Through the Screen 2018]

Gold Horse Through the Screen 2018

Size : 13.1″x17.9″(33.3×45.5)cm
Material : MIXED MEDIA

In this work, “Through the Screen” aesthetic is being applied to a fragment of a silk fabric that is said to be from the Near East dating back to the first half of the 12th century.
The classic Pegasus motif seen here is derived from patterns of the early Sassanid Dynasty which flourished in the 3rd century and can also be seen in the winged horse motifs in the of the Shihikari-monyou-nishiki fabrics (early 7th century) of the Horyuji temple in Nara.
The tassels around the horse’s neck and legs and the crescent crown are typical Sogdian motifs that can be seen in frescoes from Western China circa 6th-7th century.

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