Size : 83.5″x60.1″(212×152.8)cm

In 1919, Wacław Sierpiński published a plane fractal that has come to be known as the Sierpiński carpet.

First, you divide a square into nine congruent sub-squares, then remove the center square and repeat the division over a three-by-three grid for the remaining eight.

Repeated recursively, the endless pattern is reminiscent of that seen in the ancient Diamond Matrix World Mandala known in Japan since the ancient times.

What’s even more interesting is that a very similar pattern can be observed in all kinds of living things and natural phenomena, often referred to as cellular automation fractals.

there are parallels between a mandala depicting liminal enlightenment realms and a Sierpiński carpet,so perhaps there is a fundamental self-similarity that spans the enormity of outer space and the physical world’s smallest scale.

This work uses cellular automation to construct a mandala depicting enlightenment cosmology.

It is also an attempt to define spirituality inherent in data.

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